Renting a Fine Corporate Limousine

Many modes of ground transportation exist, allowing Americans to commute to work or college, go on errands, or even travel as a tourist. Buses and trains are sometimes used, but in particular, limousines may stand out as a luxurious and practical way to go to an event. Some Americans may think that a corporate limousine service is only available to politicians and celebrities, based on images of famous and wealthy people stepping out of a limo and onto a red carpet. That does happen, but in fact, a corporate limousine service is very much available to other customers, too. An executive transportation service may be hired by a business client who wants transport to a major event, and chauffeured executive transportation is possible when a limo service is contacted. But that’s not all. Other patrons may reach out to a small corporate limousine service, such as the parents of high school students who are attending prom or the bride and groom right before their wedding. Here too, a small corporate limousine service can do a lot of good and make any passenger feel special.

On Limousines

The basic concept of a limousine is simple enough: an elongated car that may carry multiple passengers in style. The first limos could only carry four or six passengers, but some models today can carry as many as 10 or 20 people inside, with their ample couch-like seats and generous floor space. Some limousines, in fact, are long enough so that they need more than two sets of wheels to handle all the weight and keep the vehicle from sagging onto the road. Some of the world’s largest limousines are distinctive for having many wheels at once and even some features not normally found on cars. In fact, limousines were the first cars to ever have air conditioning in them, with limos featuring AC units starting in 1939. The world-famous Nightrider limo, meanwhile, sports generous floor space, lighting, and sound systems to create a nightclub on wheels that patrons may enjoy. Some other major limousines have been known to feature a hot tub, a king-sized bed, and in one extreme case, even a small helicopter landing pad. The average corporate customer or bride and groom won’t need a hot tub or king-sized bed in their limo ride, but this shows that such vehicles are capable of.

Renting a Fine Limo

Suppose someone wants to contact a local corporate limousine service for transport, such as a high-level executive attending a major business event or high school seniors looking for a ride to prom. What might they expect? For the most part, average clients will deal with small and local limousine rental companies, each of which may have four to six vehicles in its fleet. An interested client may search “limo rental near me” and add their ZIP code or the name of their city or town to narrow down the selection further. The client may then call these companies and ask for a rental.

Not just any limo will do. The client must make sure that their rented limo can seat everyone in their party, and a too-small limo won’t even be able to carry the client’s entire party at once. Meanwhile, a too-large limo will have empty seats during transit, and that’s a waste of money. The client may check that the company has limos with the proper amount of seating for the best bargain. What is more, clients may want to look over the limos in person before renting, and they can find the limo company’s garage and pay a visit. There, clients may check each driver’s credentials and check out the vehicles in person. Discerning customers will check for paint scratches, shabby construction, or worse yet, torn up upholstery or messes inside the car. But if everything checks out, the customer may agree to a rental and arrange the time and place for where the limo will pick them up, drop them off, and when it makes the return trip. Customers may also check whether the fuel consumption of the limo will factor into the price, and customers may check if the limo rental includes bonus features such as wine in a cooler.

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