Signs of a Bad ECM

If you have issues with the ECM in your vehicle, you would of course want to know. An ECM is your engine control module and this is basically the brain of the car. Usually, when things go wrong, a lot of that can be attributed to this because it includes elements of both mechanical and technological components.

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This means that this can go wrong not just in one way, but two ways. Here are some of the ways you can know if your car’s ECM has an issue with it. First of all, if your check engine light goes on, either something is really wrong with your engine or something is wrong with its brain, also the ECM. Another sign that something is wrong with your ECM is that your car may not start. If the ECM has an issue, it will not be able to communicate with the engine to tell it to turn over. Although some other things can cause this, the ECM can be the issue. Another problem can be if the engine is misfiring. This can be the result of the ECM not conveying information to the engine and the timing being off.

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