Subaru, Chevrolet Among Most Popular Vehicle Brands

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There are many car brands out there, but two brands stand out among the rest. Subaru and Chevrolet. One is a Japanese-based automaker, while another is American-based. Both have large fan bases, and both strive to deliver only the finest vehicles to the world. Their vehicles can be found in new car car lots, and even the lot of your average joe pre owned car dealer. But what makes Subaru and Chevrolet so special. Well, let’s find out.

Subaru has made a name for itself because of their ability to offer vehicles that are both fun to drive and practical. Named after the Japanese name for the Pleiades star cluster, Subaru opened it’s first American plan in 1968 with the launch of Subaru of America. The car manufacturer’s first car was known as the Subaru 1500, and the company is known for using the boxer engine layout in the majority of their vehicles.

in terms of their vehicles, Subaru only delivers the finest. They also offer their customers the ability to customize their vehicles, meaning that they offer things like turbocharged versions of more traditional passenger cars. They also strive to used as many recyclable materials in their vehicles as possible. This dedication has earned the car manufacturer a recycling ratio rate of 97.3% for end of life vehicles. Their manufacturing plant in Lafayette, Indiana was even the very first to achieve the coveted zero landfill status!

Then there’s Chevrolet. Chevys are one of the most popular brands in America when it comes to cars. They’re so popular that over 1,000 songs mention the Chevy brand at some point. Artists like Kid Rock and Mariah Carey are only a few to mention the Chevy brand in their music. Though the Chevy emblem was first used way back in 1913, love for the brand still lives on today, as evident by the amount of Chevy’s being sold each year. For example, over 4.6 million Chevy cars and trucks were sold in 2011. They were so popular in 2010 that if all the purchased Chevys were lined up, they would measure 51% of the circumference of the earth! That’s a lot of cars! In total, Chevrolet has manufactured and produced over 200 million cars and trucks since 1912, and there’s no indication that they intend to slow down anytime soon. Just ask your local pre owned car dealer.

Chevrolet and Subaru are only two car brands out of many, but they’re two of the most widely recognized and loved. Their vehicles can be found in virtually every country, being sold by a simple pre owned car dealer or on a mega lot with hundreds of other cars. So if you’re looking for cars for sale, consider checking out Subaru dealers or local Chevrolet dealerships. After all, Subaru inventory, as well as Chevy inventory, isn’t expected to decrease anytime soon. Now would be the perfect time to talk to a new or used car dealer!

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