5 Myths About Buying a Hybrid Vehicle and the Maintenance Required

How to replace a hybrid battery

If you are considering buying a Honda Civic Hybrid or another model of hybrid cars, you probably have a few questions about maintenance and replacing a hybrid battery and when these things need to take place. There are still a few myths floating around about hybrid cars and this article has set out to debunk those for you, so let’s begin.

I’m going to have to sell my first born when it comes time to replacing a hybrid battery.
Not so! You may keep all your children as well as most of your money. Hybrid battery repair doesn’t have to be a thing of dread anymore. Hybrid batteries did use to be fairly expensive; somewhere in the upward of $3000 to $4000 but recently they have drastically reduced in price. If you buy your hybrid new, then the battery is going to last an incredibly long time. The truth is, your care might be at its own life expectancy by the time you’re looking into replacing a hybrid battery.

Hybrids don’t function efficiently in the city and on the highway alike.
While hybrids do seem to like the city, low-speed driving better, this is mainly because they hardly have to use any gas at all during city driving. However, they do actually work well on freeways and highways as well. You may need to use some gas for longer distances and higher speeds, but they are still very fuel efficient even in those situations. Don’t underestimate a hybrid. Just because it’s electric doesn’t mean that it’s not every bit as up to a challenge as a fuel powered car.

They’re hard to maneuver and get around in because of how complicated the mechanics are.
The truth here is actually the exact opposite. Hybrids are popular in part because of how easy they are to drive. There’s a lot of complicated stuff going on under the hood that you would need an expert to understand, but anyone can be the operator. Most hybrids are automatic transmissions and some don’t have operator controlled gears at all anymore. If you think that’ll make driving boring then you could turn your gear attention to the displays on the dashboard which show how much power you are using and turn saving gas into a game.

Hybrids might be cool and electric but ultimately they’re kind of boring and look funny.
Unfortunately, the early models of hybrids gave them a bad name. Sure people know that they are reliable and economical and good for the environment and all that, but they just aren’t known to be very exciting cars. However, a few companies have put out several performance vehicles which actually improves the running and the performance of the car but still is able to maintain the economic benefits. Top speeds can go into three figures on a hybrid now with sub-6 second 0-60 mph times without a problem. If you look hard enough you’ll find sporty, manual transmission hybrid coupes as well as hybrid trucks and any other types of hybrid vehicles.

Buying a hybrid is going to cost me an incredible amount more than if I were to be a fuel powered car.
Yes, it is undeniable that hybrids are initially more expensive than standard cars. However, it may not be as much as you think. For example, this year’s Toyota Camry costs a little over $23,000. The hybrid alternative, the Toyota Camry Hybrid is just under $27,000. That’s under $4000 more which is not that much of a difference when you’re looking at numbers in the thousands anyway. Plus, you’ll probably make up that $4000 in gas within the first few years of having the car, not to mention the less amount that you’ll be spending on maintenance.

So if you are looking into buying a hybrid, don’t let some unfounded fears like replacing a hybrid battery stop you from making a great decision. Do the research yourself and you’ll see that many of people’s fears about hybrids are generally unnecessary now with all the new technology that is taking place. You may just find that investing in a hybrid vehicle could be the best financial and economical decision that you have ever made. Don’t let yourself regret not doing it!

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