Four Reasons to Charter a Bus for Your Next Trip

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If you are arranging a trip for a large group of people, there are probably about one hundred decisions you need to make and arrangements you need to coordinate. You probably need to coordinate funding for the vacation, find accommodations that can handle a group of your size, create an agenda for the trip and buy tickets for events you are going to be participating in, and secure transportation to your destination and throughout the visit. One simple tip we would like to offer that could make your planning process far easier is to opt for a bus charter rental rather than traveling by flight or driving yourselves. If you’re skeptical of the helpfulness our of our advice, we have listed a few reasons to opt for charter rental for your next group trip.

Benefits of Using a Bus Charter Rental for a Group Trip

  1. Bus charter rentals will save you big bucks. Get out a calculator and add up the total cost of flying your entire group to their destination, and also for transportation throughout your visit, and then flying them all home. Now, calculate the cost of renting charter bus services for the time you will be traveling (which takes care of the task of both getting your group to your destination, and shuffling them around while they are there). Typically, you will find that the total dollar amount for charter buses is less than half of the cost of airline tickets and additional transportation costs throughout your trip.

    Additionally, since bus charter rentals charge by the bus, whereas airline tickets charge by the passenger, the price of your trip goes down per person the more people you have in your group. In fact, airline tickets actually go up by the number of people traveling. A standard coach bus holds 55 seats, bringing 55 people divides the cost of travel by 55!
  2. Mother Nature loves it when you opt to charter a bus. When a coach bus travels at full capacity, each gallon of fuel gets about 206 miles per passenger. On the other hand, if you travel the same distance in a car, you get approximately 27 miles per person per gallon. In other words, your footprint on our beautiful planet is about 700% lower when you travel by charter bus rather than car.

    While we are on this train of thought we’ll add in that traveling by airplane uses even far more fuel per passenger than traveling by car. If you take trip is taken by flight, and then use a car to get around throughout your visit, the impact you’ve had on the environment is far greater than using a charter bus for the whole trip.
  3. Traveling by bus charter rental is far safer. We hope, no matter how you take your vacation, that you stay safe and are not involved in any accidents. However, if you travel by bus you and your group stand a far lower risk of being injured than any other form of transportation. According to the Federal Bureau of Transportation, traveling by coach bus is twice as safe as taking an airplane, and you are actually 46 times less likely to be injured in an accident if you travel by bus than traveling by car.
  4. Traveling by bus charter rental gives you more flexibility and control of your trip. When traveling by plane, you are limited to the locations where there airports. From there, you must arrange a new source of transportation to get anywhere else. On the other hand, when traveling by bus charter rental, you have the option of going anywhere in the world that there is a paved road. Additionally, if you are traveling by bus, you have the flexibility of transportation throughout your visit; rather than having to arrange special taxis or other transportation for each outing your group takes, which is subject to availability and most likely can’t be scheduled at a moment’s notice.

Opting to rent a charter bus for a group trip is a winning choice. When you charter a bus, you save wads of cash, put less stress on the environment, lower the odds of being injured, and gain more control of your trip’s agenda!

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