Why Subaru Does What No Other Automobile Manufacturer Does

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Everyone is always looking for the next best thing, but studies show that the best thing may not happen to be the newest thing. Among cars for sale, American consumers have shown an increased affection for used car dealerships, particularly foreign used cars. It is known that a vehicle begins depreciating in value as soon as the owner drives it off the lot; this acknowledgement has lead to an increased number of American car buyers turning to foreign used car dealerships in search for a better value and more reliable vehicle. Subaru is known to currently have one of the highest resale values of any vehicle in its class, making it one of the better choices for car buyers in 2016.

What a Subaru Can Do

Subaru was originally founded over half a century ago as the vehicle division of Japan-based conglomerate Fuji Heavy Industries, which in turn started out as The Aircraft Research Laboratory in 1915. From planes to vehicles, in 2011 Subaru was designated as the 26th largest auto producer in the world. From its first debut Subaru 1500 in 1954, Subaru has constantly pushed the envelop to get it to where it is today as one of the most recognizable brand names in the world for automobiles.

Contributing to the Environment

Subaru’s commitment to conservation and environmentalism has achieved it nearly as much recognition as the vehicles the company produces. In 2004 Subaru of America made history when its Layfayette, Indiana plant became the first auto assembly plant to achieve a monumental zero landfill status. Subaru continued this commitment to the environment to its other plants located worldwide. Subaru’s use of highly recyclable materials throughout the life of its vehicles has earned the company a recycling ratio rate of 97.3% for the end of their vehicles’ lifespan. Considering the long life span many of today’s Subaru models have enjoyed an increase in used car sales over the past decade.

Better Pre Owned Cars

Subaru used car dealerships are some of the best places for a first car or a last car depending on your station in life. Buying directly from a dealership can help ensure that your Subaru is in prime condition. Additionally, a number of used car dealers are able to secure a manufacturer warranty with a newer used car, helping to cover an accidental wear and tear that may not be foreseeable. For those looking for a new used car that will retain its value and remain backed by a company with strong environmental values, look no further than Subaru to continue this very trend that they started.

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