The Benefits of IF/VF Combine Tires

In the United States there are over 3 million farmers, and depending on what type of farming you do, knowing the best combine tires are best, can benefit you immensely. You have a hard job to do, and every little bit helps. If you are in need of new tractor tires, here are some benefits of IF/VF combine tires.

The benefits of Deep Tread Tractor Tires IF/VF

The bigger your tractor is, the more important the tires become. This is due to the impact on fuel consumption, and increased compaction. The two options available for farmers to help mitigate these issues are IF tractor tires, and VF tractor tires. IF stands for increased flexion, and VF for very high flexion. IF tires are capable of carrying 20% more load while at standard inflation; while VF can carry up to 40% more at standard. The deep tread found on these tires also helps your tractor grip the ground, and maintain better distribution on weight.

Better Contact and Traction

The sidewalls of IF/VF combine tires
contain a series of steel balls that help move the load, while maintaining a large footprint. What this means for you is that you will see an improvement in fuel consumption, in addition to a longer wear time. All of this is thanks to the improvement in traction caused by the build of the deeper treads.


A rule of thumb to remember is that a machine will exert a force that is around the same as the pressure of it’s tires. That is to say, tires are 80 psi will result in an exertion of around 80 pounds. The heavier the machine, the more important it is to take this into consideration, as reducing the compaction as much as possible in your fields is especially important.

Keep In Mind

Another important rule to remember that will help you get the most out of your IF/VF combine tires is correct tire pressure. As stated above, knowing what pressure to use for specific application is highly important if you want to reap the benefits of these tires. If the pressure isn’t set correctly you can see a decrease in the overall life of the tire, as well as decreased productivity.


If you make your living off of farming, there is no room for large errors if you want to be profitable. As a farmer in America you already have enough on your plate, the last thing you need to worry about is tires holding back your production. If IF/Vf tires sound like an investment you would be interested in, reach out to a local dealer for more details. They will be more than happy to give you the full rundown of everything you need to know, including additional benefits.

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