Unnecessary Idling Pollutes The Environment And Wastes Money How GPS Tracking Can Reduce This

Keeping your life organized is hard enough. Keeping a business organized? It can seem like an impossible feat.

Tracking solutions are designed to help us keep an eye on the small details without losing the bigger picture. While the GPS is commonly associated with driving to a new part of town, it can also be used to help businesses save money on transportation. We live in a busy world that only gets more convoluted by the minute. When customers aren’t asking for faster shipping, employees are wondering how much time they could be saving on a different route. Fleet management software may have the answer you’re looking for.

Want to save time, money, and even clean up the environment? You’ll want to install a commercial vehicle tracking fleet camera.

When Was The GPS Designed?

The GPS is used quite a bit in our day-to-day. People rely on these devices to help them navigate unfamiliar terrain and social analysts use them to track population growth. The GPS was first introduced for automobiles back in the 1990’s, being improved little by little until they were even able to be opened up in a cell phone. Using fleet management software to keep better track of your business will open up the way for saving money and cleaning up the environment. Here’s how it works.

What Are GPS Tracking Solutions Used For?

It’s a lot of work getting through just one day, much less an entire year. You lose employees, you face bad weather that slows down shipments…it’s a lot to handle. GPS fleet tracking equipment puts all this information in one place for easy perusal, helping everyone to stay on the same page. The city of Montreal alone uses 170 vehicles to clear its roads, with its fully equipped snow removal trucks weighing 15 times more than the average car. GPS snow plow tracking is a modern spin on an old process.

How Is Transportation Affecting The Environment?

You’ve likely heard about the negative impact of carbon emissions on the environment. Believe it or not, GPS tracking solutions can do their part to reduce these figures. Unnecessary idling is a significant detriment on outdoor air pollution, contributing far more smog than usual — a recent study found this can add up to $2 per day for diesel and over $2 per day for gasoline engines. Idle reduction is better for the environment and in compliance with changing government laws. A win for everyone involved.

What About Business Maintenance Costs?

Your maintenance costs will also be slashed down to size. Maintenance costs associated with unnecessary idling on top of replacing lost goods can rack up hundreds of dollars in the span of just a few months. According to a study by the NICB, between 2012 and 2014 a total of 125,000 vehicles were reported stolen with the keys still left inside. Additional studies have suggested a mere one kilometer decrease in traveling speed can lead to a 3% reducing in road crashes. Reduced costs and increased safety is just the surface of what snow plow tracking solutions can offer.

How Will GPS Tracking Software Help My Business?

Every business needs a helping hand. Software is designed to simplify complex processes and reduce the probability of human error, the latter of which is inevitable but manageable. Canada’s ten cities average over 50 days a year with heavy snow, with the single greatest day of heavy snowfall on February of 1999 — a city in British Columbia was blanketed with nearly a metre and a half, pushing local workers to their limits to keep things running. While you can’t predict everything, you can certainly stay prepared.

Stay organized. Use GPS tracking solutions to make the impossible possible.

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