The Best Mods for Muscular Mustangs

Mustang performance mods

As one of the most popular cars on the market, the flashy and stylish Mustang always commands attention and turns heads. Mustang owners range from those just looking to speed around in style to those who are always on the lookout for the best Mustang mods, hoping to fine tune that muscular machine to perfection. Often these owners will tell you that the best Mustang mods will include changing up the taillights or wheels, adding a cold air intake, and perhaps most importantly, increasing horsepower. Whatever the case may be, proud Mustang owners will typically have a pretty good idea as to what the best Mustang mods are for them.

The best Mustang upgrades and tips for a more powerful engine
Most people find that the best Mustang mods will add to the power and speed of the beautiful road steed, and this is particularly true for those looking for Mustang racing parts or other Mustang performance mods. If you were to take a look underneath the hoods of a few of these beautiful cars, you would find that these incredible vehicles can have an engine power range anywhere from 101 horsepower all the way up to 390 horsepower or even more! It is no wonder that so many people find so much joy in driving them. And many modifications can be done quickly, depending on what you are looking to do. Both cold air kits and electronic conversions can be installed in a short 30 minutes.

The history of the magnificent Mustang
The now famous car was introduced for the very first time to the public at the World’s Fair in New York in April of 1964. At that time, the manufacturer’s suggested retail price was $2,368, and 22,000 people found that price to be absolutely worth it, as they each snatched up one of the cars for themselves. Just one year later, on the anniversary of the unveiling of America’s new favorite car, there had already been 418,810 Mustangs sold by Ford. That is a pretty amazing number. And the popularity of the car has continued throughout the years. There is even a common color preference over the last five decades. Most Mustang buyers will opt for red and blue, followed by silver and white. Looking at the history of color choices since the beginning of the Mustang, 21% go for the red ones, 17% have opted for blue, 14% have gone for silver, and 13% have chosen white. There are, of course, other color options, and there are also the car buyers who might decide that among the best Mustang mods for them is a custom paint job, making their Mustang unique.

Making your Mustang yours
There are countless ways to alter and modify your Mustang so that it speaks to your style and personality. Many people have fun with the look of the car, but those who are more interested in the racing and performance aspects will take more time to fine tune the engine and components that will give it the most speed and make it easier to handle at high speeds. Finding the perfect pony fit for your lifestyle begins with deciding on the style you most prefer by make and year. Do you want a convertible? Do you prefer the look and feel of the very first or other early Mustangs, or do you believe that the styles have only improved with time? From there your options abound, from color to engine upgrades to different types of wheels and other modifications. The main function of a car is to get you from place to place, that is true. But why not have a bit of fun while you are at it? Finding your Mustang and making it uniquely yours is quite rewarding.

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