Think Outside the Box, Here are 2 Forms of Underrated Advertising

Camo vehicle graphics

There are only a few advertising mediums that people are actually aware of. Everyone knows television ads exist, along with radio ads, billboards, online advertisements (the obvious ones), and just branding shown in everyday life. There are a few forms of advertising, however, that have been very successful for businesses and are relatively unknown by the average person.

Car Wraps

Us as consumers don’t give enough credit to forms of advertising like car wraps and boat wraps. Even worse, small business owners don’t consider car wraps to be a legitimate form of advertising as much as they should. Well, at least the bad owners don’t. The good small business owners are aware that they can’t compete with the multimillion-dollar companies that can throw millions into their ad budgets. So these savvy business men and women know that there are other viable and affordable advertising options available to them.

Throwing on a cool advertisement with camo vehicle graphics on the side of a car can be a great way to reach your target market. With vehicle advertising, you bring the ads to your demo and it’s still not as intrusive as television or radio advertising. No matter what your business is, if you have eccentric food truck graphics on the side of your truck, or just the name of your company, that’s great advertising for a relatively low cost.

Airplane Banner Advertising

Another underrated form of advertising that will also keep plenty of dollars in your pocket is airplane advertising. Companies have been flying banners behind planes since the 1920s, but people still think it’s not a viable option. Again, those are just the bad business owners. The successful ones — or soon-to-be successful ones — know that dropping a few hundred bucks on a huge banner that is going to fly across the sky and be seen by hundreds of thousands of people is well worth it.

Too many business owners think that the only way to succeed in the marketing industry is to equal the budget of those multimillion-dollar organizations. That’s just not possible. As a business owner, you have to think outside the box and get creative in order to compete with these businesses.

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