The Top 3 Benefits Car Owners Can Expect When Using Headlight Renewal Kits

Headlight lens restoration

Though every single aspect of your body plays a critical role and function, your eyes are especially important in they visually allow you to detect potential threats and dangers. Just image how difficult it would be to perform simple, everyday tasks such as driving without the gift of sight! It’s pretty hard to imagine, isn’t it? Similarly, your vehicle’s headlights act as its “eyes” in that they allow you to see objects in the road and beyond at night, at dawn, or at dusk while driving. Not only that but they also allow other drivers to see you as well and you them.

But when headlights get dirty or become clouded with age and due to normal wear and tear, they pose several safety hazards aside from taking away from the overall aesthetics of the vehicle itself. Most of the headlights manufactured for today’s vehicles use polycarbonate as the material of choice over traditional class. The use of polycarbonate thermoplastic has several benefits in terms of durability, strength, and flexibility when it comes to creating a variety of unique shapes, sizes, and styles of headlights. But the greatest downside of this versatile material is oxidation, which is responsible for that tell tale yellowing of headlights. Some of the factors that lead to oxidation include exposure to harsh detergents, pollutants, ultraviolet rays from the sun, and excessive heat.

Over time, all polycarbonate headlights will need to be replaced or restored, and that’s exactly where headlight renewal kits come into play. Also known as headlight lens restoration kits, headlight renewal kits are perfect for DIY headlight restoration and will yield the same kind of quality results as professional headlight restoration kits. Here are just some of the benefits of using headlight renewal kits.

Safety, safety, safety

Did you know that even though there’s typically 60% less traffic on the road at night, over 40% of all fatal car accidents happen at this time? With startling statistics such as those, you simply can’t afford to not take advantage of headlight renewal kits in order to restore the clarity of your oxidized and yellow headlights. Cloudy, yellow headlights can decrease the amount of light that shines through the polycarbonate thermoplastic and affect its clarity. This makes it hard to see and be seen which only increases the chances of an accident happening. Using a headlight renewal kit will restore the brightness and clarity of your headlights which in turn makes it easier to see and be seen by other drivers, pedestrians, and bicyclists.

Saves time and money

Headlight replacement is a process that’s known for being both expensive and time consuming. Talk about a lose-lose situation. Depending on the specific make and model of the vehicle, replacing the headlights can take hours on end and cost as much as $700 per headlight! And not only are the headlight themselves expensive, but you as the customer still has to pay for the technician’s labor for assembling and installing the headlight. As such, it’s easy to see how quickly all these costs can add up and how expensive such a seemingly simple repair can be. On the other hand, headlight restoration is significantly less expensive, especially when you do it yourself. For just a few bucks, you can quickly and easily restore your headlights on your own.

Improved aesthetics

If the rest of your vehicle looks sharp but your headlights are cloudy, yellow, and overall dull looking, this can significantly impact the overall aesthetics of your vehicle in a negative way. Even though your headlights might be relatively small in comparison to the size of the rest of your vehicle, they play a big role in terms of how appealing your vehicle looks on the outside. A simple restoration job can do wonders in terms of making your vehicle look like new again.

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