Three Simple Car Shipping Options

Car carriers

If you’ve already begun looking around for a car shipping company, you’ll have already noticed that there are tons of options available to you (and you’re probably feeling a bit overwhelmed by them all by now). If you know that you need to find a car transport company but you haven’t exactly begun looking, then this is your complimentary warning. There are a lot of options available, and you might feel overwhelmed.

But there’s really no reason to feel stressed out by so many options, as long as you can keep a few key points straight:

Professional Driving Services If putting some extra miles on your car isn’t a big deal to you but you just don’t want the stress of driving your car yourself, then you might find yourself looking into a professional driving service. People tend to choose this option when travelling over shorter distances, or if they want to transport a significant amount of cargo (because the average auto transport companies will only let customers add about 50 to 100 lbs. of extra cargo, if any extra cargo is allowed at all).

Open Carriers These vehicle hauling trucks are open, as the name suggests, and they usually transport multiple cars at the same time. These carriers are fairly inexpensive, as far as car shipping goes, and the average American looking to transport their current car (because of a family move, or a company relocation, etc.) will likely find that this option is convenient.

Closed Carriers Anyone looking to transport antique and/or valuable new cars may be more likely to choose this option; although closed carriers will likely be more expensive than open carriers, they provide some extra protection (especially against bad weather). These carriers are more likely to come in multi-car or single-car options, and if you really want to make sure that your car is getting the best service possible, then a single-car closed carrier might be worth the cost.

Regardless of which option you choose, it’s probably going to be much more convenient than driving your car yourself (perhaps you won’t save money but you’ll definitely cut down on stress). Don’t let the vast array of car shipping companies deter you from using one at all; once you’ve figured out your main concerns and your personal budget, you’re sure to find a service that fits your needs.

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