Four Things to Know When Your Car Undergoes Dent Removal

Dents and dings are almost certain to happen to your car at some point. From hail damage repair to dent removal due to accidents, having the dents in your car repaired will likely be a fix you need to make. But not all dents are created equally, and not all dent repairs will cost the same. There are plenty of factors that go into the cost of fixing automotive dents, as well as factors that actually go into the repair itself.

There is also plenty of knowledge you should have before you take your car to a repair shop in order to have those dents removed. From cost options to alternative repairs, here are four things you should know before having the dents removed from your car.

Discuss Cost Beforehand

While it may not always be possible for automotive shops to give you a one hundred percent accurate estimate before damages are repaired, it’s certainly not impossible to get a ballpark range. Make sure you speak with your mechanic before you’re surprised with a bill. That way you can prepare yourself for potential sticker shock and also discuss a few options that you might have before repairs are done.

PDR May be Your Best Option

Paintless dent removal (or, PDR) is a process that can take up to two hours when executed correctly, but the results are long-lasting. With PDR dent removal, the dents in your car can be easily repaired with handheld tools as long as the paint on the body of your car isn’t affected. Once completed, the dent is gone and your car looks good as new. The process is methodical and can take a while, but the results are great and last forever. It may be the best option for your car as well, depending on the depth and size of the dents.

DIY Kits Won’t Get You the Same Results

If you’ve spent any time researching dent repair options, you’ve probably run across advertisements for DIY repair kits. While these kits may seem like a cost-saving alternative, the truth is, a kit won’t get you the same results that a mechanic will. The experts are experts for a reason, and they have the tools that will get your car looking its best in no time.

Dents Can Signal Internal Damage

It’s very unlikely that a hail storm leaving dents on your car will lead to some internal damage, but the same can’t be said for accidents. If you walk away from an accident with a few dents on your bumper, you certainly got out lucky, but the damage to your car may be more than superficial. It’s best to see a trusted mechanic about removing the dents so they can also assess your car for any internal damage that could lead to you getting hurt.

Effective dent removal is not often a complicated process, but it is best to leave it up to the professionals. Keep yourself safe by allowing certified mechanics to handle the process; once your car is back to looking its best, you’ll be glad you did.

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