New Tires and Rims For Your Car

The owner of a car or a pickup truck is responsible for the care and upkeep of that vehicle, which runs the gamut from oil filter changes to cleaning off the floor mats to having dents and dings pounded out of the car’s body. But don’t forget the wheels and tires, either. A car’s wheels are not to be taken for granted, as faulty wheels and tires can make a car’s driving awkward, inefficient, or even dangerous while out on the road. Fortunately, any car owner who needs tire or wheel fixes can visit an auto shop, such as a tire shop, to get whatever they need. Tire rotations are routine, and old or damaged tired can be swapped out for gently used tires or even fresh, brand-new tires of all different types. A car owner might have some preferences on what brand of tire they buy, or they need tires of a particular type for special driving conditions. Even the car’s rims may need some care, or their cosmetics can be enhanced. How might this work?

What to Know About Car Tires

A car’s tires can affect how the entire vehicle drives, where fresh new tires are smooth and safe to drive on while old or damaged tires can lead to sloppy or even hazardous driving, as mentioned above. A car’s tires will gradually wear out over time anyway, and the grip may start to wear off and thus make the tires a bit to0o slick. What is more, very old tires tend to slowly but constantly deflate, and this makes them too soft to drive on. Pumping them with air is at best a temporary fix until those tires can be replaced, and partially inflated tires are fuel inefficient to drive on at any rate. Old tires may also be more liable to suffer punctures and similar damage out on the road, too. Bear in mind that statistically speaking, many auto accidents across the U.S. today involve one or more cars with old and shoddy tires on it.

A car owner should take good care of their vehicle’s wheels and tires to prevent these risks, and that can start with tire rotation. Most cars undergo this process regularly, and some car owners like to coincide their tire rotations with oil changes to keep a convenient and regular schedule for car care. If a car’s tires are very old or damaged, it is time to replace them entirely, and the owner can choose a brand and type of tire that they want to have fitted on. Most tires are “regular” ones for everyday commuting and driving, but some tires have special jobs in mind. During winter, a car owner may want to have snow-oriented tires put onto their car, which have excellent grips and handle well while driving on snowy or icy roads. In some parts of Canada, in fact, using tires like these is the law during winter months. Or, a car owner is planning some off-road driving, and they will want tough, off-road tires that can handle terrain such as shallow streams, rocks, sand, and the like.

What about tire repair? If the damage isn’t too severe, and if the damage wasn’t done to a critical area, workers at an auto shop can remove the foreign object and then patch up the hole, so the tire can be used again. If the damage was done to a critical area of the tire, though, the only option is to get a new tire.

Wheels and Rims Done Right

When it comes to wheels and tires, the rims might sometimes go neglected, but proper rim care can make all the difference. After all, the rim supports the tire on a car wheel, and a damaged or dirty rim needs care. A rim might suffer from dents after an auto incident, so the workers at an auto shop can pound out those dents or replace a rim that was badly warped or mangled in a car incident. The hubcaps can also be put back on or replaced if need be. Car enthusiasts, meanwhile, may want to find and order special rims that can handle the vigors of street racing, and these stylish rims can be spray-painted different colors.

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