The Five Coolest Truck Accessories You Need Right Now

Today, semi-trucks move roughly two-thirds of the nation’s freight. This number is projected to grow even further, given the rapidly expanding e-commerce sector as well as the growing manufacturing and construction industries.

Truck owners and drivers are, therefore, looking to customize their trucks, which enables then to achieve extra efficiency, elegance, and comfort. To help you achieve this goal, here are some of the coolest machine parts that will transform your truck into a moving heaven.

LED Lights

If you are looking to give your interior an extra glow, then LED lights are your go-to option. These unique lights that come in different colors and styles will illuminate your interior, turning it into a moving party.

LED headlights not only customize your truck’s look but also help with increased visibility. Further, LED lights offer you descent illumination that doesn’t cause temporary blindness for other drivers on the road.

LED lights are durable. Given that some enjoy a lifespan of up to 15,000 hours, you will soon forget the hassle of having to replace your bulbs more often. LED lights light immediately they are turned on, giving other motorists time to react accordingly in case of braking, reversing, or turning.

Replacing your normal truck lights with Kenworth headlights helps you improve visibility and also saves you money in the long run.

Dash Camera

Who said driving a truck can’t be fun? With this little gadget on your dashboard, you get to record your real-time experiences on the road that are worth remembering.

A dash camera can also help you avoid blame in case of an accident. Since you will have recorded everything that happened, you can present this evidence to the authorities.

Modern dash cams have extra cool features that’ll make your driving experience epic. Voice command features, for instance, will warn you when the truck is being driven carelessly. They can also be fitted to monitor the truck driver, which helps them avoid driving when they are drowsy.

Installing camera systems on your truck can also help you mitigate fraud by allowing you to track down unscrupulous drivers who carry unauthorized passengers or cargo.

Having a dashcam on your truck can also land you lower insurance rates as this gives the insurance company the notion that you are conscious of safety. With a dashcam video, you can also speed up insurance claims.

Grill Guard

Also called a bull bar, a grill guard is custom cut to fit a specific truck. It is usually placed below the front bumper, to offer protection without affecting the other parts of the truck.

If you are an off-road driver, a grille guard will give you that extra security from scratches and crushes when you hit objects like trees, animals, or other vehicles. Further, grill guards also help in protecting your radiator.

A grille guard will also increase the ruggedness of your truck while giving it that imposing look.

Tool Box

One way of keeping the interior of your truck presentable is by keeping everything organized, and that’s where a toolbox comes in. A toolbox can also be used to store some basic machine parts such as bolts, nuts, and washers.

A toolbox will also help you protect your tools from the elements and water that might cause them to rust. Remember that having a toolbox saves you money, time, and possible embarrassment whenever your truck breaks down. With the right tools, you can easily fix basic problems or repair certain machine parts without having to call a mechanic.

GPS and Trackers

Being able to monitor your truck’s location is a cool thing. But modern trackers are even cooler. These devices can monitor the speed of the truck and warn the driver whenever they over speed.

The ability of the trackers to record trip time and distance can also come in handy when making payments and reimbursement.

In case of theft, you can easily help the authority in locating your vehicle.


Nothing beats the experience of riding on an efficient truck fitted with state-of-the-art, reliable truck parts and accessories. The machine parts mentioned above will help you spice up your truck and make your trucking experience enjoyable.

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